Rendering of Evangeline- Interdimensional Guide


     Check out this amazing rendering done of Evangeline, Becca’s interdimensional time guide: See how closely you think the image matches my description of her from TIMESTAMPED (Book One) Postmarked Yesteryear:

     Becca stood before the being in an infinite space, an incandescent emptiness emblazoned on the horizon. Multicolored streamers of light, like those she had seen under the amulet’s supercharged crystal, but larger, undulated in a ferocious lightning storm of freeform movement all around them. The woman, having materialized to Becca in the guise of a comparable earth female, exhibited a ghostly blue pallor, her face and skin translucent enough to see straight through to her pale, purple veins, pulsating on the second with a steady unknown electric current. Her white, illuminated opaque robes, clinging to her towering body, shimmered intensely. On her elongated skull, a coordinating headwrap lay beneath a sharp crown of silver extremities, its spear-shaped projectiles firing continuously from her head.   

     I am your adviser, she revealed. I will counsel youguide youteach you all that you must know.


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