With the passing of her grandmother, and the inheritance of an antique holiday postcard collection, fourteen-year-old Rebecca Renford discovers she is a Time Corrector. Guided by interdimensional overseers and aided by a handsome, humanized computer historian (called a Continuant), with the selection of each vintage postcard from her album, Rebecca must travel back in time to help rewrite historical wrongs. Battling the omnipotent Void and its never-ending roster of evil Time Disruptors (aka the Clan Gryves), Becca, as she is known by all who love her, is determined to seek vengeance for the deaths of her father and grandmother, Penelope Renford—the most recent Time Corrector. Smart, feisty and fearless, endowed with magical gifts she has yet to fully comprehend, Becca will stop at nothing until every last member of the Clan Gryves has been banished forever…back into the Void, where all evil begins…and all evil belongs!

      “Not since Nancy Drew, not since Harry Potter, not since A Wrinkle in Time has there been such an extraordinary read! Timestamped sets the pace for Young Adult time travel fantasy!”

     “Spellbinding…entrancing…thoroughly enjoyable! A great setup to a phenomenal new series!”

     “Does the world need another teenage superhero? If it’s one like Rebecca Renford we do! This character really packs a punch!”

      B. Patrick Bruce is the pseudonym for an award-winning, Amazon Bestselling Author. The Timestamped series is his latest foray into the Young Adult/Fantasy genre.

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